iPTT announces the PTT-XXL: the swiss army knife of communication!


international Push to Talk

As you might be aware, we began testing new products in June 2018.

Now, 9 months later, after testing more than 60 different PTTOC products, making firmware as well as software changes, we’re pleased to announce the PTT-XXL.

This product features everything you could possibly want in one unit.

PTT over Cellular functions as well as DMR and analogue two-way radio connectivity. You can make and receive phone calls, send messages and much more. You can even send and receive a fax, should the need arise.

Out of range? Not a problem, we’ve sorted that too. For the PTT-XXL we’ve partnered with Iridium to provide coverage anywhere in the world, in addition to our multi-network SIMs.

Of course, the device includes a 4G Router – for permanent or temporary superfast internet connections.

Like most smartphones on the market today, you can manage your emails on the go, take pictures and make videos.

If you have people you want to manage more closely, we also offer a first in industry remote system, which not only works with your TV, but you can connect other devices and remote control these too. We’ve been testing this function intensely with family members and it proves particularly useful when you send a small non-harmful jolt of 60V/5A to the remote controlled unit. In short – you get their attention immediately.

The PTT-XXL also comes with indoor and outdoor tracking as standard, so you always know where your friends and family are.

And if you don’t want to listen to the communication from your colleague (or manager), we’re also introducing an OFF button to meet this requirement.

Given the weight of the PTT-XXL, we can also recommend using this device for defensive purposes. It therefore lends itself to the security industry.

For the event industry, we’ve got a flourescent green version, so you’re easily identifiable by the crowd as well as participants.

We’ve created a special ruggedised version for the construction industry. We’ve tested this version with the Royal Armoured Corps at Tidworth Camp. We’ve run the device over with a Challenger 2 tank and the PTT-XXL didn’t even get a scratch.

Working with the Royal Armoured Corps, we’ve also added morse code to the device. Even in today’s environment, morse code is proving to be one of the most reliable ways to communicate and can provide a lot of fun for family and friends trying to code and decode the morse messages.

Unfortunately all these functions drain the battery very quickly (around 1 hour with all the functions turned on), however we do provide solar panels, which can charge the devices on the go.

PTT-XXL – your swiss army knife for communication.

If you’re interested in more information from Ant Baker and Stuart Little, please call 01202 240 366, email info@iptt.co.uk or fill in our contact form.