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What exactly is Support from international Push to Talk | iPTT?

For a number of customers, Support is not part of the considerations and package, when looking for professional two-way radio communication. The focus is on CAPEX (capital expenditure), OPEX (operational expenditure) and Return on Investment.

But then one day the radio isn’t working – something’s up and it just isn’t working.

This is when you need Service and Support.

If you’ve not included service and support in your contract/order, you are now potentially having to incur additional expenses and costs.

However with international Push to Talk Ltd | iPTT, every cloud has a silver lining.

international Push to Talk

When you buy your PTT radio hardware, SIM and user license from us, we support you as long as the SIM and user license are valid.

No Surprises. No additional costs. Part of the package.

And did you know that 9 out of 10 technical inquiries are solved within 15 minutes when you call us on +44 1202 240 366 or email

That’s world class and one of the reasons more and more customers are selecting iPTT and our resellers to supply professional two-way radios and GPS tracking.

That’s customer service and support, the way we like it. And we’re rightly proud of our service and support too.

Want to know more about how we help our customers keep their bills under control with no nasty charges and world class service and support? Or do you want to test our world leading support?

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We don’t stop until you’re satisfied

iPTT POC App on Google Play Store

The iPTT POC App is now available on the Google Play Store.  

iPTT POC App on Google Play Store for Android is now available . The App is free to download and if you want to use the App, please contact us to try it or buy a license.

The iPTT-POC App for Android turns your Android phone or ChromeOS  device into a PTT over Cellular Radio Terminal and Dispatcher. You get the following benefits:

  1. PTT communication
  2. Individual/Private call
  3. Monitor several groups
  4. Send Alarm
  5. Receive Alarm
  6. Live GPS Tracking
  7. Historical GPS Tracking (snail trail)
  8. Easily switch between Map and Satellite view
  9. Latched calling – automatically zooms in on the person talking
  10. Change Groups/Channels
  11. Late Entry

You can download the app from the Apple App Store here:

Google Play Store

If you have an iOS Smartphone or Tablet, you can download the App from here:

iPTT POC App on the Apple App Store

If you’re looking for a dispatcher for Windows, we have that too. you can contact us for more information.

If you’ve got any questions, need any help or want to try or buy a license for the iPTT POC App for Android, iOS or Windows, please contact us:


Phone: +44 1202 240 366


iPTT POC App available on Google Play Store

New Dispatcher Version 1.1.5

The iPTT Dispatcher is now being upgraded to version 1.1.5

Apart from stability and performance improvements, the dispatcher now has a very clean and easy to use interface.

The app is free to download, however there is an annual fee.

In addition to the despatcher app for Windows we also have versions for iOS and Android and you can use your license across all these operating systems.

Here’s more information on what benefits customers get from our Dispatcher: More Info

If you want to discuss your requirements for instant PTT Radio Communication, Messaging and Live GPS Tracking, please

Call us on +44 1202 240 366

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Live and Historical Tracking

New Dispatcher

iPTT is launching a New Dispatcher.

At iPTT we continue our drive to keep on bringing:

  1. Functionality
  2. Reliability
  3. Easy to use

to our customers at the best possible prices.

We’re now ready with a New Despatcher version for beta testing. We would therefore like to invite you to beta test the new version during the month of February.

Version features benefits you’re used to like Group Management, Dynamic Groups, Call Handling, Force PTT Radio to join, Stun, Late Entry, Alarm and Live GPS Tracking plus Historical GPS Tracking (Snail Trail). The 2 new elements are Video feeds and NFC patrol management, which we will be launching later in 2020.

The only thing we’d like you to do is tell us what you think, what you particularly liked and what you would like changed.

We are planning to launch the New Dispatcher in March 2020.

If you want more information about the current Dispatcher, please click here:

If you are interested in participating, please

Call us on +44 1202 240 366

Email us at

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New Map Function | Easy and Fast | 24 hour Historical GPS Tracking (Snail Trail) | Call Logs

The iPTT Dispatcher

We’ve created a short video with highlights from the iPTT Dispatcher.

Our dispatcher is intuitive and very easy to use. Packed with many very useful features this dispatcher gets you up and running with POC in minutes.

Want to know more?

Please call 01202 240 366, email or fill in our contact form.

Why You Should Consider Working with iPTT

Why should you consider working with iPTT?

iPTT is a one stop shop for Push to Talk over Cellular solutions – we supply and support every part of the PTT solution from devices, multi network SIMs to apps for Windows, Android and iOS (including dispatcher).  And we manage the IT and Server Infrastructure too.

As a reseller you can sell with confidence, knowing iPTT will support you and your customer. We can set up the system so all you have to do is turn the POC device on or log on to an app.

Should you need a change of user settings, names or channels/groups, you just let us know. We then update the server and propagate the changes to the devices and apps connected to the system within minutes.

Click here for the flyer: Why iPTT

Alternatively, please call 01202 240 366, email or fill in our contact form.

The iPTT Dispatcher

The iPTT Dispatcher is very easy to use with a clear and intuitive user interface. The iPTT Push to Talk over Cellular solution has the following benefits:

  • Tracking – Live
  • Tracking – Historical (Snail Trail)
  • Infinite Number of Channels/Groups
  • Up to 1,000 users per Channel/Group
  • Dynamic Channels/Groups
  • Monitor Several Channels/Groups
  • Force Users into Groups
  • Private Calls
  • Remote Stun
  • Lone Worker
  • Geofencing
  • KML/KMZ waypoints and routes
  • Call Logs
  • New features added continuously
  • And of course, we at iPTT set up the despatcher and radios the way you want them with names, groups etc.

Want to find out more?

Click here for the iPTT Dispatcher Brochure, go to iPTT, call us on 01202 240 366 or email us at



iPTT Push to Talk on PC, Smartphone or Tablet

Do you want to communicate on the iPTT POC (POC) system using your Windows PC, Android/iOS smartphone or tablet?

No problem – we’ve got an app for that.

iPTT Push to Talk over Cellular works on dedicated handheld and mobile devices like the CP300 or CM300.

Did you know they also work on other devices?

At iPTT we have apps for:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS

This means you can run an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC enabling your device to communicate with other devices in the group. You can also make individual calls and of course track other users on the map, plus many more features.

If you’d like more information on how iPTT makes a difference in the professional two-way communication market, please call us on 01202 240 366 or email us at