Looking for the Best Digital Wide Area PTT Radio Communication Solution in the World? You've probably come to The Right Place

international Push To Talk | iPTT is a leading Distributor of some of the best and most advanced Nationwide Digital Network Radio Terminals for professional two-way communication and live GPS location tracking

Who are iPTT?

We provide one of the best professional two-way communications and live GPS tracking solutions in the industry, covering the majority of the UK as well as all of the EU. Push To Talk Over Cellular (PTT) is a very versatile and flexible solution, e.g. if you need international coverage, we can help you solve that too.

And you get one some of the best service and support available in the communications industry - just ask our customers.

iPTT P400
iPTT P500
iPTT Samcom CM300
iPTT Samcom CP300

Digital network coverage

Our Multi Network SIMs use all four mobile networks available in the UK giving you 98% coverage across the UK. Our multi-network SIMs offer the same capabilities across Europe and for additional fee we can also offer World Wide coverage

PC Dispatcher and mobile client

Use a PC to dispatch calls, jobs and track users' locations live via GPS. Our software dispatcher makes it easy for you to manage your fleet of users. We now also offer Android and iOS Smartphone and Tablet Apps allowing you to monitor users' live Locations and make calls on your iPTT Broadband PTT Radio Network.

Secure communications

The iPTT system cannot be listened in to or intercepted via scanner or other radio equipment. This gives you the assurance that all your calls are private.

Dynamic groups and individual calls

Dynamic talk groups can be created using the PC dispatcher package, allowing your control room to speak to groups of users with ease. Every radio is equipped with individual calling as standard, giving you a secure, digital radio path through to each user on demand with no capacity limitations.

Interested in seeing how iPTT's Nationwide Radio solutions will improve your current communications system?

1 Get in touch to speak to one of our iPTT experts to get any questions or concerns answered, we can also talk you through exactly how the system will work for you.

2 Give us a few details and we will then provide you with some demo equipment for 7 days free of charge so you can explore the iPTT system and then wonder how you ever lived without it!

3 At the end of the 7 day free trial our courier will collect the demo equipment. At this point we will be in touch to discuss purchasing options.