Going the extra mile

iPTT | Going the extra mile

PTT Radios for Hire. A large number of events use PTT Radios to run the operations effectively. We Help with Radios for Rent too.

Our PTT over Cellular radios are used for a multitude of things. One of them is events – in particular local, sports, music events.

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We, like many other businesses, rely heavily on professional logistic partners, but sometimes things go wrong in the logistics world and parcels are delayed. There’s normally always an excuse, but the dog ate my piece doesn’t help our customer, if they’ve got an event starting Sunday morning.


This deadline can’t be missed.

This happened Friday afternoon – our customer hadn’t received the hire radios for the event as expected. The courier tried putting it on the Saturday delivery, but failed a second time, so we ended up setting up another batch of radios and driving them to lovely Bath, to hand them over to our customer.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with the mercury hitting 36C and a clear blue sky, so we borrowed a cabriolet, put the hood down and set off to Bath. For tracking and two way communication purposes, we quickly added the iPTT M400 – see tracking below. You can find more information about the iPTT M400 mobile radio here – ours easily fitted in the smallest middle console department of the car (more information about the iPTT M400 mobile radio)

iPTT | Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile

The radios performed very well  and as far as we know the event on Sunday went to plan.

That’s the service you can get from a smaller company, whereas many, if not most, large companies are shut and uncontactable outside opening hours. Flexibility and agility – expect more from your supplier.

PS the logistics company finally delivered the radios today, Tuesday, 2 days after the event (and 5 days after the shipment was sent from iPTT).

iPTT | Going the extra mile

Communication and GPS tracking all the way

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