How Are Traffic Wardens Protected When It Matters?


Traffic Warden

The number of abuse, treats and violence received by Traffic Wardens (Civil Enforcement Officers), is on the increase, with headlines like:

Council Releases Pictures Of Traffic Warden Covered In Plaster By Angry Motorist (Link)

At the same time videos like this, with abusive and threatening drivers, are unfortunately also becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence:

At iPTT we find this escalation in violence, threats and abuse abhorrent.

But what can we do about it? How are traffic wardens protected when it matters?

Firstly, we can ensure the Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) have the right communication tools to call for help is a situation is getting out of hands. This includes calling colleagues or the control centre for help, which can be dispatched.

With PTT Radios the CEO can feel safe knowing they can call for help or press the alarm button and the control room will act.

At the same time, having a PTT Radio on your belt or fitted to your uniform means customers know you’re coming to do your job well prepared and professionally.

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