Inflation Busting Prices

iPTT | Inflation Busting Prices

Most, if not all of us will have seen the news: Inflation is on the up, energy prices are up, all adding to the cost of living crisis.

In our industry some suppliers have implemented price increases of more than 50%. Others can’t provide radios until 2023 due to the global chip shortage. That same chip shortage is also being used by some suppliers to increase the prices even more, adding even more inflationary pressure onto an existing problem, just like adding wood to the fire. Before we know it, we’ve got a spiral, where salaries have to increase at a similar rate to inflation (or even catch up), which further puts pressure on price increases and so on and so forth.

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That’s why we’ve decided at iPTT, we’re not going to add to the problem.

Instead of following the herd, we will do everything we can to slow down this train of inflation to nowhere. We ARE NOT planning any price increases. In fact, we’ve not increased our prices for 5 years, by holding them at exactly the same level. Our commitment to our channel partners and end users is that we will continue this strategy as long as we possibly can – 0 price increases. Of course that means our radios and solution becomes relatively cheaper.



Because, inflation in the UK from 2016 to 2021 is around 5-10%, with another 10-20% expected the next 12 months. That’s a compound inflation of around 15-30%. By holding our prices, that means that our formidable Push to Talk over Cellular radios and solution is 30% cheaper relative to everything else in the market, and in most cases much cheaper when you add the huge price increases some suppliers have announced.


What iPTT’s done about it.

At the same time, we’ve noticed that some of our customers, in particular security customers and healthcare, who use the iPTT LTE Network radios have started using the radios 24 hours per days, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. This is obviously excellent utilisation of the radios, but it also means the radios consume more than the 250MB in the current plan (250MB provides more than 4 hours of talk time per day). We have been able to negotiate a better price with one of our SIM suppliers, which means we can now double the allowance from 250MB to 500MB at no increase in cost to our partners and end users for our most common multi-network SIM. Call us to discuss your business needs and if you want to change to the SIM which provides up to 500MB per month.

For customers who use our PTT over Cellular radios 24/7/365, we are also able to offer a change of SIM if required and a bolt on from 500MB to 1GB per month at reasonable prices.

And don’t forget, if you have a requirement for LTE broadband radios in 2022, we have stock and can deliver at the prices we’ve kept the same for nearly 6 years.

That’s why it’s great to be a small, dedicated and super agile team who are maniacally focused on helping our channel partners and end users with real world challenges and problems.

Want to know more about inflation busting prices, double the amount of data on our multi-network SIMs and freely available supply for delivery on short notice, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch