Introducing the iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Radio

iPTT | Introducing the iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Radio

Introducing the iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Radio: The Ultimate Communication Device

The iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Radio is a ground breaking tri-mode radio DMR, Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) and LTE smartphone device, offering voice communication and business critical broadband communication. The iPTT P600 is the most advanced all in one advanced communication device available today. PTT Radio, PTToC and smartphone device is all you need for your communication needs. The benefits of having one device, which meets all your mission and business critical needs are significant.

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This hybrid smart device will connect to almost anything – mobile networks, PMR networks, WiFi networks and PTToC systems. More connectivity means you can connect and communicate with people almost anywhere and you are never alone.

For safety and security all our radio dispatchers have lone worker functions. These are complemented with man down on the iPTT P600, giving you all the safety features needed, to protect your staff when they’re working alone or in dangerous environments.

With crystal clear and punchy loudness, the P600 can be heard even in noisy environments. Security is a a given and we can enhance that with MDM as well, ensuring your device is as open and flexible or shut and set as you want.

With the iPTT Compliance and Business Intelligence solution, we can also provide a robust audit trail of every call and text message in as well as outbound. Not just the time and date stamp, but a recording of the call and content of the SMS message too.

The crystal-clear large screen on the P600 enables the user to easily operate the radio in Private Mobile Radio (PMR / DMR), PTToC and smartphone mode, however paired with the iPTT app, the user can use the P600 as a dispatcher on the go, getting full situational awareness from the map function. All iPTT PTToC radios (and apps) have GPS capabilities, so you can easily track the devices. With the Alarm button, the operator of the radio can raise the alarm with the control room or other users nearby (you decide how you want the system to work).

The P600 is rugged and reliable – with an IP rating of IP69, it is fully protected against dust and water. With the Gorilla Glass 3 which is scratch and shatter resistant. With built in GPS as standard, we can track the position of the radio live (as well as historical snail tracks). With front and rear cameras you can also add live video streaming to the capabilities and benefits of the app. We manage all of this remotely, from our servers and when combined with MDM, we can manage the devices exactly the way you want them to be used.

iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Radio – DMR, Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) and Smartphone in one – your ultimate communication device.



Operating System: Android 13

IP Rating: IP69

Dimensions: 163 x 76 x 25mm

Net Weight: 430g

Mobile Network: 2G/3G/4G

DMR Radio: 400-480MHz UHF

DMR output: 4W

WIFI: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4Ghz and 5GHz

Bluetooth: 5.0 BLE

Dual Micro SIM card

Display: 4.97″ AMOLED HD with Gorilla Glass 3

Brightness: 350~400cd/m²

Cameras: 8MP Front / 13MP Rear

Sensor G sensor



Loud, clear and punchy 2.5W speaker

High-Capacity Battery 3000mAh(8.8V)

PTT Buttons: one PTT button for DMR and one PTT button for PTToC


Google Mobile Services (GMS) is standard – this enables Google Play Store (and download of apps) on the P600.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) which enables your IT team (or iPTT if you prefer) to manage, update and control the P600 remotely (blacklisting of apps and websites, whitelisting of apps and websites, update of apps, firmware, credentials etc.


New Benefits

Adding DMR functions to the P600 means you can always communicate with the team – if there is mobile and/or WiFi coverage you can use Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PTToC). If there is no mobile nor WiFi coverage, the user can always use DMR. If other P600s or DMR radios are within range, the call will always go through at very low latency.

With the G sensor built into the P600, we can add man down to the list of benefits. Man down provides safety, by raising an alarm should the person using the radio have a fall. This is in addition to the standard benefits provided through Lone Worker if a radio hasn’t pressed PTT for a set amount of time the alarm is raised. The user will also have the option to press the Alarm button, which raises the alarm in the control centre and opens the microphone, so Control can hear the communication. Combining these features with GPS, means the Control Room can identify the problem and send the resources required to the incident.


Industries the P600 is particularly suitable for

Private Security – Property Protection, Housing Estates

Agriculture – Farming, Forest

Energy – Electricity, Gas, Network

Transport – Taxi, Port, Couriers

Construction – Roads, Buildings

Events – Sports, Festivals, Music

Education – Schools, Colleges, Universities, Outdoor Events, Open Day Events, Security

Healthcare – Ambulance Services, Patient Transport, Mental Health, Outdoor Events

Facilities Management – Security, Coordination of teams


Next Step

If you’ve got any questions, need any help, want find out more or arrange a test of the iPTT P600, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch


Please note that DMR UHF frequencies in the UK are licensed by OFCOM. and you have to have a license to operate the DMR radio in the UK. Your reseller or iPTT can help with this.

iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio

iPTT P600 Multi-Mode Advanced Radio. The Radio that can do it all