New Dispatcher

iPTT | New Dispatcher

iPTT is launching a New Dispatcher.

At iPTT we continue our drive to keep on bringing:

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  1. Functionality
  2. Reliability
  3. Easy to use

to our customers at the best possible prices.

We’re now ready with a New Despatcher version for beta testing. We would therefore like to invite you to beta test the new version during the month of February.


Lots of new benefits to the PTT Radio Dispatcher

Version features benefits you’re used to like Group Management, Dynamic Groups, Call Handling, Force PTT Radio to join, Stun, Late Entry, Alarm and Live GPS Tracking plus Historical GPS Tracking (Snail Trail). The 2 new elements are Video feeds and NFC patrol management, which we will be launching later in 2020.

The only thing we’d like you to do is tell us what you think, what you particularly liked and what you would like changed.

We are planning to launch the New Dispatcher in March 2020.

If you want more information about the current Dispatcher, please click here iPTT Dispatcher Highlights


Want to discuss your PTT Radio requirements?

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iPTT | New Dispatcher
New Map Function | Easy and Fast | 24 hour Historical GPS Tracking (Snail Trail) | Call Logs