NHS is Replacing All Pagers

iPTT | NHS is Replacing All Pagers

The NHS is replacing all it’s pagers by 2021 (all 130,000 of them).

£3 Million has been made available to replace the technology by 2021.

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Pagers were very popular in the 70s and 80s, when they were “leading edge” technology. However the pager technology was stagnant with little room for development to add new functions and capabilities.

The pager capabilities are very limited – the user can receive a small text string on their pager.

However, the user can’t reply or communicate, so they’d have to find a landline or mobile phone.

Most companies phased their dependence on pager technology out by the 90s. Pagers eventually got replaced with mobile phones and professional two-way communication.

However the NHS is still using around 130,000 pagers (costing around £6.6 Million per year). That makes the NHS the single biggest global user with more than 10% of the pager market.

But this is coming to an end by 2021 where the NHS will be spending £ 3 Million to come up with the replacement technology.

At iPTT we provide professional two-way communication – we can send messages from the dispatcher to display PTT Radios, provide instant calls between our PTT Radios and apps. And of course, we provide live GPS Tracking too.

However this project has been specified to become the next NHSX panacea. From iPTT we wish them good luck with this critical project at such a critical time.

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iPTT | NHS is Replacing All Pagers
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