Season’s Greetings

iPTT | Season's Greetings

2022 was another record year for iPTT thanks to our business partners – our amazing resellers, end users and suppliers.

Together with our partners we expanded our presence in the construction, logistics/transport, agriculture and health industries. Together, we also made new inroads in education, events, rail and security.

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The common denominator for all of these customers is the appreciation of the support provided by the partnerships between our resellers and us.

Many new customers were delighted with the quality and capabilities of our PTT over cellular solution. Ease of use is second to none when it comes to our PTT radios, dispatcher and apps.

Having built on a strong foundation for our SIM business with unlimited, multi-network as well as M2M( IOT) SIMs, we also introduced fixed IP SIMs.

We continued to expand the Mobile Network Router business, providing site wide internet connectivity as well as our backhaul solution for DMR systems. With the Mobile Network Router backhaul solution, the customer connects multiple DMR repeaters using a VPN tunnel on Mobile Internet Routers – easy to deploy and install. And it is easy to scale this backhaul solution to support changes and growth in demands, because it is very flexible and capable.

A number of customers also started talking with us about their IT requirements, so we’re pleased that iPTT is now a Dell partner, to further help and support our resellers and end users.

Despite the magnitude of these significant wins and successes, the single best thing that happened in 2022 was hiring 2 very energetic and incredibly capable team members – Carrie and Ola. Their contribution has enabled us to move to the next level and we expect that these 2 team members will achieve even more delighted customers in 2023. You know you’ve got the right addition to the team, when it feels like they’ve always been here. It will also enable us to continue our focus on delivering new innovative solutions with our suppliers whilst myopically focusing on customer satisfaction underpinned by some of the best service and support you’ll find in our industry. We look forward to delighting even more end users in 2023!

In short, we are super excited about 2023. We already have a number of exciting customer projects and new solutions in the pipeline. We’ve got the right team. We have earned and continue to earn the right with a number of resellers and end users by showing our commitment to their success and demonstrating just how focused we are on helping our business partners. We’re not taking the trust we’ve earned for granted, we know we have to keep demonstrating our commitment and focus to keep earning that trust and that’s exactly what we’re planning to do.

We sincerely hope you get some time off to relax over this festive season, but we also know a number of customers keep the wheels of industry turning, whilst we tuck into our turkeys. If you need anything during this period please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re back to normal business Tuesday 3nd January 2023

Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to 2023 when it comes

From all of us at iPTT