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At iPTT we go the extra mile

You’ve decided you want to buy a PTT over Cellular system, so you place the order and make the payment. Job done.

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But the radios arrive and they don’t work (or don’t work as you’d like them to).

You contact the reseller where you bought the radios and you’re put in a long line of customers.

Days and weeks go by and the radios still don’t work.

All you wanted was a channel/group added to the POC system and a few of the POC radios renamed.

Nightmare scenario from the real world.

At iPTT we’ve been contacted by numerous customers who have problems but they’re unhappy it’s taking too long to get a response, let alone the problem addressed.

At iPTT we’re happy to support you as fast as we possibly can. Most changes and fixes take minutes and you don’t get a number to join the back of the queue.

So when you buy your PTT over Cellular solution, make sure you check the support before you part with your hard earned money.

If you’re interested in more information about service and support from iPTT, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

PS – remote support from iPTT is free.