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What exactly is Support from international Push to Talk | iPTT?

For a number of customers, Support is not part of the considerations and package, when looking for professional two-way radio communication. The focus is on CAPEX (capital expenditure), OPEX (operational expenditure) and Return on Investment.

But then one day the radio isn’t working – something’s up and it just isn’t working.

This is when you need Service and Support.

If you’ve not included service and support in your contract/order, you are now potentially having to incur additional expenses and costs.

However with international Push to Talk Ltd | iPTT, every cloud has a silver lining.

Service and Support from iPTT
international Push to Talk

When you buy your PTT radio hardware, SIM and user license from us, we support you as long as the SIM and user license are valid.

No Surprises. No additional costs. Part of the package.

And did you know that 9 out of 10 technical inquiries are solved within 15 minutes when you call us on +44 1202 240 366 or email

That’s world class and one of the reasons more and more customers are selecting iPTT and our resellers to supply professional two-way radios and GPS tracking.

That’s customer service and support, the way we like it. And we’re rightly proud of our service and support too.

Want to know more about how we help our customers keep their bills under control with no nasty charges and world class service and support? Or do you want to test our world leading support?

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