Supporting Ambulance Services with PTT Radios


BMW X5 Ambulance

Given these Covid-19 times, our focus is on NHS and front line care workers and how we can support these critical workers performing their life saving and critical duties. Supporting Ambulance Services with PTT Radios to provide two-way communication 

We’ve provided a number of 4G LTE routers for the Covid-19 test centres across the UK, however that’s not all.

We also provide Nationwide PTT Radios for ambulance services, for their operations across the UK and internationally.

Given the nationwide (and international coverage) it’s the perfect Two-Way Radio System for many ambulance services.

Here’s one of our many Ambulance Service customers.

Ambulance Services

Nationwide PTT Radios and Live Tracking for Ambulance Services

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Ambulance Services
Nationwide Two-Way Communication and Tracking for Ambulance Services