Supporting the NHS in the Fight Against Coronavirus with 4G LTE Routers



Today we sent the first batch of 4G LTE Internet Routers to the NHS coronavirus test centres across the UK.

The plan is to support the NHS Covid-19 test centres with a significant number of 4G LTE WiFi Routers, in partnership with our resellers.

These 4G LTE Internet and WiFi Routers will be providing NHS test centres with internet and WiFi connectivity.

The 4G LTE Routers come pre-configured. All the customer has to do is turn the Router on and connect using the SSID (WiFi name) and password provided.

It is a privilege working with our resellers supporting the NHS in the fight against Coronavirus SARS COV-2 Covid-19.

Please pay your part supporting the NHS in this critical fight by staying home and staying safe.

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