The most important part of any Push to Talk over Cellular Solution

iPTT | The most important part of any Push to Talk over Cellular Solution

PTT Radios, Apps and SIMs are important, but the most important part of a Push to Talk over Cellular Solution is the Servers. This happens to be something we know a bit about.

At the heart of any Push to Talk over Cellular solution is the server and IT infrastructure.

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This infrastructure enables communication, tracking, calls logs and all the other features available in iPTT’s POC solution.

If the infrastructure isn’t working, the POC solution will stop working.

With this in mind, we decided to partner with professional IT providers in 2018 to focus on upgrading our IT infrastructure to provide:

  • Redundancy
  • Resilience
  • Robustness
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Speed

We achieved this goal by the end of 2018 and iPTT now has primary and secondary servers located in different professionally managed Data Centres across the UK. And, in the very unlikely event all our servers and IT infrastructure in the UK fails at the same time,  we have another level of backup based internationally. The result is that it is therefore highly unlikely the iPTT solution (and infrastructure) will fall over in every location at the same time.

Whilst we can’t commit to 100% up time (no IT provider can), we have done everything possible to ensure our IT and server infrastructure meets these criteria.

But one thing is the theory, another is actually testing how the solution works if any part of the infrastructure fails. We therefore decided to tests the resilience by shutting down parts of the IT infrastructure to test the theory. And the results were outstanding – the system kept working without any deterioration of service with all devices and apps immediately switching to the backup infrastructure.

We therefore recommend you consider the following 2 questions carefully, before selecting your POC solution:-

  1. Where is the IT infrastructure located?
  2. What happens should primary and secondary servers fail?

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