All SIMs are not equal!

iPTT | All SIMs are not equal!

How do you pick the right SIM?

All SIMs are NOT equal – their coverage, function, speed, data, talk time, messages, roaming characteristics and prices are different. And of course each Mobile Network Operator (MNO) has it’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to coverage.

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Get the SIM size that fits your needs

At international Push to Talk we provide the right size SIMs which fit your needs perfectly, e.g.:

  • 4G LTE Routers with dynamic IP and unlimited data SIMs as well as fixed IP SIMs to replace microwave backhaul for DMR radio systems.
  • Data SIMs for 4G LTE and 5G routers. We recommend unlimited SIMs, so you don’t get bill shock at the end of the month. Across the unlimited SIMs our customers are using more than 100TB (that’s 100 x 1,024 x 1,024 = 105,000,000 MB). That’s more than 20,000 DVDs, 650,000,000 pages or 25,000,000 pictures. A lot of this data has been used in the Covid-19 test centres across the UK, helping in the effort against this ghastly virus.
  • Multi-network SIMs – we primarily use these in our PTT Radios as the data requirement is relatively small (compared to 4G LTE Routers). These can be opened up to work across the UK, Europe and numerous countries across the world. Again, we protect our customers by providing fixed price SIMs, so there are no bill shocks here either.


Mobile Network Coverage

Want to know more? Checking the mobile network coverage is always a good place to start: Mobile Network Coverage Checker

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Multi Network SIMs
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