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Without coverage there is no communication. With Multi Network SIMs we extend the coverage to the best possible, covering approximately 98% of the UK (and rising).

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One of the questions we get asked many times is: will it work where the customer wants to use the equipment?

At iPTT we first check the coverage in the area. Using Multi Network SIMs, you benefit from all available mobile networks. The Multi Network SIMs automatically switches between the networks, giving you the best possible coverage.

To do this, we use the following websites:
OFCOM Checker

Of course we also use the mobile network operators’ own websites to check coverage:

And finally, we like to test the coverage by having PTT Radio Terminals on site, to validate the desktop survey.

Having Multi Network SIMs is an advantage when it comes to coverage – each mobile network has areas where they have strengths and of course weaknesses. By having a Multi Network SIM we play to the strengths of all  mobile networks, giving the customer the best coverage possible.

Apart from Multi Network SIMs, we also offer:

  • Single Network SIMs (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone)
  • IOT SIMs
  • Fixed IP SIMs
  • Dynamic IP SIMs
  • Bespoke SIMs
  • Large Data SIMs
  • Unlimited SIMs
  • European SIMs
  • Global SIMs

If you’d like to discuss how nationwide as well as international coverage can benefit you and your customers, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

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