IT Education for Remote Schools in Uganda


Access to the Internet

At least once in your life, you’ll most likely get an opportunity to positively change the lives for others. IT Education for Remote Schools in Uganda is one such project.

The Problems

Do you know that Countryside Schools in Uganda face these problems:

  • Internet Connection
  • Mains Power
  • PCs

In summary, none of the above are available for schools in rural areas across Uganda.

IT Education for Remote Schools in Uganda
IT and Internet for learning, even where there is no mains power and no internet connection

Above all, IT Education in Uganda is a focus area. However, with none of the tools in place, it’s clear the situation will have to change, specifically for Remote Schools in Uganda.

To change this situation, the Uganda Communications Commission contracted Samanga Solutions to change that. Samanga contacted international IT to help source the parts to engineer a solution and change the education for hundreds of children to begin with.

The Solution

  • Provide internet connection to educational websites. The Cachebox from Appliansys made this happen over a very slow internet connection, by caching most used and educational web pages on the local Cachebox. This means each web page doesn’t have to be rendered from the server (over the limited internet connection) but from the Cachebox.
  • Deliver solar panels with backup batteries to provide carbon neutral learning environment. Ensure PCs, monitors and Cachebox operate within the power limits provided by the solar panels.
  • Provide easily managed and maintained thin clients from Greenbridge and ASUS, with peripherals (monitors, mice and keyboards) from ASUS too.

In summary, IT Education for Remote Schools in Uganda is now a reality and we look forward to working with Samanga Solutions solving more real life problems across Uganda.

As Uganda is similar in size to the UK, we look forward to this challenge.

IT Education for Remote Schools in Uganda
No mains power | No internet connection | No IT Equipment | We can solve that too

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