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Mobile Network Info: Here’s all you need to know about Mobile Network Coverage, Masts and Status.

For PTT Radio communications or 4G WiFi Router internet connectivity, we recommend you check the mobile network coverage of the area where the PTT Radio and WiFi Routers will be used.

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We described Mobile Network coverage in this post: Multi Network SIM Coverage | iPTT | Fixed IP SIMs | Dynamic IP SIMs, however new and better resources are now available as you will find out from the below.


OFCOM Mobile Network Checker

To check Mobile network coverage please click on OFCOM’s checker to see all 4 networks:
OFCOM Checker


Mobile Network Operators coverage and status checker

We also recommend you use the mobile network operators’ own websites to check network coverage and status checker:


Mobile Network Masts – Location

However sometimes 4G WiFi routers are placed in metal portacabins, which slows the connection to the mobile network. To remedy this, we recommend you buy an external directional mobile antenna, which will boost your mobile signal, because it’s installed outdoors and doesn’t have to try getting through the metal portacabin. However, which direction do you point the directional mobile antenna?

We use cellmapper for this purpose: Link to Cellmapper

Cellmapper enables you to find the location of the WiFi Router and the masts of the network you’re using in the area. You can use this to ensure your directional antenna is pointed to the mobile mast with the strongest mobile signal in the area. You just select the provider, network and bands and the local masts will show.


Type of SIM

For 4G WiFi routers we strongly recommend unlimited data SIMs, because you don’t want any nasty surprises at the end of the month or the SIM reaching it’s data limit, preventing further internet connectivity, which can impact your operation. 

We also recommend a backup SIM (if your router is enabled), if your internet connection is very important and full redundancy (2 routers and at least 2 SIMs) if your operation is critical.

Apart from Multi Network SIMs, we also offer:

  • Single Network SIMs (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone) with unlimited data
  • IOT multi-network SIMs
  • Bespoke SIM packages
  • Roaming SIMs

If you’d like to discuss how PTT Radios, WiFi Routers and Multi-Network as well as unlimited SIMs can benefit you and your customers, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

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