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iPTT | Not your normal day in the office

PTT over Cellular Field Trials in Iraq

iPTT | Not your normal day in the office

Push to talk over cellular field trial in Iraq

A well established security and protection company in Kurdistan region, was on a security mission Sunday 12 August 2018 with the aim of getting their clients safely to Sinjar, located in an area 80 miles West of Mosul and back to relative safety in Erbil, covering a total distance of nearly 300 miles. The mission began at 06:00 BST and ended at 18:00 BST.

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This area is currently one of the most dangerous in the world with daily headlines like:
2 people killed, 10 others wounded as two explosions rock Mosul
Five militants killed, two others arrested near Iraqi-Syrian borders

Two-way communication is therefore critical when moving West of Mosul to the high security threat area near the Iraqi/Syrian border as terrorist attacks, kidnappings, bomb explosions, riots, and shootings are regular occurrences.

James Adams, security consultant and risk manager with a security company in the region, highlights the 2 main reasons why PMR doesn’t provide the coverage required:
Firstly, the distance is more than 140 miles across mountains and deserts. Providing PMR communication would require more than 20 repeaters with power sources.
Secondly, PMR repeaters would get sabotaged or stolen making PMR communication unreliable. We need reliability of clear communication when we’re in high risk areas.

James continues: iPTT have provided some iPTT Samcom CP-300 handsets and an iPTT dispatcher for testing and Sunday’s trials went very well.

Satellite communication is available, but the costs are very high – iPTT push to talk over cellular provides excellent coverage throughout the areas we work in, at a fraction of the cost.

We were very impressed with the simple operation of the iPTT Samcom CP-300 devices and the iPTT dispatcher worked excellently, allowing the control room to monitor our progress in real-time. Communication was crystal clear and the security teams found the system very easy to use.

This was a very successful field trial in real environments – it was important for us to test the system throughout.

Hans Becker, director of international Push to Talk Ltd. (iPTT), adds:
It is not every day you can sit in the comfort of your living room and monitor a mission like the one today in the area between Erbil and Sinjar. iPTT’s push to talk over cellular solution (POC) was tested in areas we don’t normally get to test and the results speak for themselves, proving iPTT’s POC solution’s capabilities in the UK and abroad. This is testament to iPTT’s POC solutions’ capabilities: reliability, robustness, clear communication and tracking anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available, using mobile network providers or the internet. It was an exciting day watching the mission as it unfolded and I look forward to working with the security company going forward and I am very happy the mission went well and the team returned safely to Erbil.

If you would like to know more about iPTT’s push to talk over cellular solution and capabilities, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

iPTT | Not your normal day in the office

Team back safely in Erbil