PTT Radio Dispatchers

iPTT | PTT Radio Dispatchers

PTT Radio Dispatchers – What’s the right price for a PTT Radio Dispatcher for the Control Room? Nationwide PTT | Digital PTT Radio | Wide Area PTT | PTT over Cellular | Broadband PTT

iPTT Announces the M400

iPTT | iPTT Announces the M400

Meet the iPTT M400 probably the smallest and most powerful mobile PTT Radio available with crystal clear communication and live GPS Tracking

CP300 and water

iPTT | CP300 and water

We tested the CP300 from iPTT with a water hose. Please watch the video to see how that went.

Africa Calling

iPTT | Africa Calling

Information about long range walkie talkie tests (more than 4,000 miles / 6,500 km)