Professional Communication for Roadworks

iPTT | Professional Communication for Roadworks

Roadwork Communication

As we move towards April, roadwork season begins in earnest.

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At iPTT we work with our resellers to provide professional communication for construction and in particular roadwork construction companies across the UK.

A number of road constructions cover several miles, which is where PTT over Cellular comes into it’s own.

With iPTT POC you don’t need OFCOM licenses, expensive repeaters with electricity generators and security as well as installation of these across the the route.

With Nationwide PTT from iPTT, we check the coverage in the area using coverage checkers.

You can click here to try the coverage checkers:

Once we’re satisfied there is adequate coverage across the stretch of road where the road construction will take place, we recommend taking a couple of POC devices on site to physically test the coverage (and validate the theory).

Once this is completed, we’re good to go.

We can send a fully operational system with 20 or 200 PTT radios within a couple of days – all you have to do is turn on the PTT radio and install the dispatcher app on your PC, Android or iOS device and you’ve got a fully operational PTTOC system.

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iPTT | Professional Communication for Roadworks

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Predictable and very competitive prices makes Nationwide PTT from international Push to Talk and our resellers the number one choice for roadworks and construction across the UK with tangible cost savings.

This is the reason the major construction companies across the UK choose PTT over Cellular, provided in partnership between iPTT and our resellers.

If you’re interested in more information about how PTT over cellular from iPTT and our partners help Construction and Road Construction companies with long range communication, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

iPTT | Professional Communication for Roadworks