PTT Radio App Benefits

iPTT | PTT Radio App Benefits

PTT Radio App Benefits – What are the Benefits of iPTT’s Nationwide PTT Radio App?

The power of the iPTT PTT over Cellular App is that you can be up and running with minutes. With the iPTT PTT over cellular solution, you get instant professional nationwide PTT Radio communications. In addition to live communication and call logs, you also get live GPS tracking, alarm handline and lone worker as standard. Did we tell you our app is very flexible? As users’ need change we can accommodate that too. Need to add a user or change a call group? That’s done in minutes and after a bit of training, you can do it yourself, online and instantly.

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How is that possible?

Because there are only 3 simple steps to begin using the iPTT PTT Radio apps:

Step 1 Download the app for Android, iOS or Windows and install it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC from Apple App Store: iPTT POC App on Apple App Store or Google Play Store: iPTT POC App on Google Play Store or for Windows: iPTT POC App for Windows

Step 2 Contact your iPTT reseller and buy a user license. You need to tell your reseller what you want the names of the user licenses to be, how many groups/channels and which user licenses should start in which group/channel and who should have access to this.

Step 3 Use the credentials provided by your reseller (userid and password) to turn your smartphone or tablet into a POC radio or the Windows App to turn your laptop or PC into a full PTT Radio Dispatcher.

If you need help finding your local reseller, please contact iPTT (see contact details below)


What benefits will the nationwide PTT Radio App give you?

  1. Instant PTT Radio Communication
  2. Change Groups/Channels
  3. Group Call
  4. Individual/Private Call
  5. Dynamic Group Calls
  6. Monitor several talk groups
  7. Call logs (calls are recorded)
  8. Alarm handling – user presses the alarm button and the alarm is raised
  9. Lone Worker – if the user doesn’t press PTT within the specified time, the alarm will sound on the dispatcher (set on the Windows Dispatcher)
  10. Live GPS Tracking
  11. Historical GPS Tracking (snail trail)
  12. Easily switch between Map and group/channel view.
  13. Latched calling – automatically zooms in on the person talking
  14. Late Entry
  15. Geofencing
iPTT | PTT Radio App Benefits

PTT Radio App | Nationwide PTT | PTT over Cellular | Digital PTT Radio | PTT Radio | Wide Area PTT | iPTT | iOS

iPTT | PTT Radio App Benefits

PTT Radio App | Nationwide PTT | PTT over Cellular | Digital PTT Radio | PTT Radio | Wide Area PTT | iPTT | Android




We’ve put together a short video which shows what the Android, iOS and Windows Apps can do for you:

If you want to be able to live stream video from your Android smartphone or tablet to the dispatcher, you can add a bolt on user license to enable video broadcasting.

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