PTT Radio Dispatchers

iPTT | PTT Radio Dispatchers

PTT Radio Dispatchers – What’s the right price for a PTT Radio Dispatcher for the Control Room? Nationwide PTT | Digital PTT Radio | Wide Area PTT | PTT over Cellular | Broadband PTT

PTT Radio App Benefits

iPTT | PTT Radio App Benefits

Two Way Radio App Benefits: Turn your smartphone into a Nationwide PTT radio or your PC/Laptop into a Dispatcher. For iOS, Android and Windows

Professional Communication for Rail

iPTT | Professional Communication for Rail

Challenges we help the Railways and Trains with: Mobile Network Internet Routers, SIMs & Professional Two Way Communications in as well as out of Tunnels

Does POC work at High Speed?

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

This time we go to Germany to test the iPTT M400 PTT Radio to see if our mobile LTE Radio radio can cope with speeds over 120mph