Multi Network SIMs and 4G Routers

iPTT | Multi Network SIMs and 4G Routers

Given every Push to Talk over Cellular (POC, PTTOC or Nationwide PTT) device needs at least one SIM, iPTT has grown to a size where we can now support our resellers as a Distributor of SIMs, in addition to Push to Talk over Cellular solutions.

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We are therefore pleased to announce that iPTT is a distributor of single and multi network SIMs with Dynamic as well as Fixed IP addresses.

We can cater for (almost) every need – here’s a few highlights:
Multi-network or single-network SIMs
Steered and un-steered SIMs
250MB to terabytes per month data SIMs
Fixed IP or dynamic IP SIMs
Grouped or un-grouped SIMs
Call and message SIMs

Multi Network SIMs

Automatically connect to all 4 Mobile Networks available in the UK

Apart from supplying SIMs for Push to Talk over Cellular and mobile phones we now also have the capability to provide 4G routers.

4G routers provide internet connections in remote areas for ad hoc as well as permanent requirements where broadband isn’t readily available. You can connect to 4G routers using WiFi or ethernet and we will of course check the best solution based on price and mobile network coverage (click here: Mobile Network Coverage Checker)

Here’s some information on how 4G routers work and what benefits they can bring you and your customers:
iPTT | Multi Network SIMs and 4G Routers
iPTT | Multi Network SIMs and 4G Routers

4G Routers have many different applications. Here’s a few examples:
– Construction Site Offices
– Event HQ and Offices
– Mobile units with internet requirements
– Customers in areas where broadband speeds are poor or broadband isn’t available.

Your customers are currently getting your data, talk and message SIMs from a provider – why not find out what these requirements are and talk with us about the right solution?

Please note that iPTT is a distributor and only sells through resellers. If you have a requirement, please contact us and we can help with the best reseller based on your area, industry and requirements.

To contact iPTT, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch