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What iPTT and our business partners offer

The key to success for iPTT is partnership with our resellers – this means going that extra mile to support our resellers and their end users.

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There’s 3 important parts to iPTT’s support to our business partners:
1. Sales Support and Training
2. Technical Support and Training
3. Serviceability

Serviceability is about ensuring we’ve got stock and manage our supply line to ensure we have a continuous stream of supply matching our demand in line with lead times.

In the professional communication world we compete for similar or the same components with other industries (e.g. IT and Mobile), which can lead to longer lead times when there are constraints further down the supply chain. To counter this we try to balance our supply chain to ensure we’ve got enough supply in stock to match the lead times with orders placed covering the lead times. This is not a science, but an art and it is not possible to get it right every time, however we try our very best.

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