Icy Cold Snap and POC

iPTT | Icy Cold Snap and POC

Adverse Weather and Push to Talk over Cellular

As many parts of Britain is wrapped in a blanket of snow and ice, there’s numerous stories circulating on the news about impact to the Mobile Network across the UK, with statements like: “Mobile reception could be lost if icy winds dry air moisture on power cables and cause them to break, forecasters said.” The Telegraph

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Icy Cold Snap – The Telegraph

Coldest Winter on Record?

This is obviously worrying for the many customers across the UK using technologies connecting to Mobile Networks, however at iPTT, we’re not worried.

Don’t worry be happy

Because we use multi-network SIMs, we’re not relying on one network operator’s masts, but every network’s mast across the UK. This minimises the risk of an iPTT POC device (or app) not being able to send and receive communication and tracking. In other words, for the weather to impact our POC service, power lines and/or mobile masts would have to be made unoperational for all networks in the area. This can theoretically happen, but it is unlikely.

During the 2018 adverse weather conditions we experienced no impact to our Push to Talk over Cellular Service.

Please drive carefully, wrap up warmly and remember to bring a shovel in case you get stuck. Stay safe.

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