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What’s the right price for a PTT Radio Dispatcher? At iPTT we believe a PTT Radio License is a PTT Radio license, no matter what you use it for.

If you are using your 2 way radio system in a larger area, you normally need to add more infrastructure (hardware) to give you radio coverage.

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On top of that you will be paying for design, programming, installation, maintenance and support.

Then there’s the software to enable features on your two way radio, and software to connect the repeaters and  finally then there’ll be the cost of a dispatcher.


No Surprises – No Bill Shock

At iPTT we truly believe a software license is a software license – what you, the customer use it for, is up to you. You can use it for a PTT over Cellular Radio, an App (for iOS or Android).

Because design, programming, installation, maintenance and support are part of our standard user license. No Nasty surprises or bill shock here.

If you want to change groups, user names and many other features, we can push the changes from our servers in seconds. That’s over the air programming (OTAP) in the 21st Century.

Because all our PTT Radios have GPS that’s included in the price too.


That’s the reason your finance team will be happy

The teams looking after the pennies don’t like surprises (when it’s increasing costs).

With iPTT there are no surprises.

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