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Communication for education covers staff and pupil safety to events and outbound education, all of which require 2 way radio communication.

Which radio solution covers all 3 operational areas?

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DMR Radio & Satellite Phones

Traditional DMR radios will work within a limited distance of the main office, and a repeater (or more) can provide coverage across campus, however for outbound education as well as events, the DMR Radios would only be able to provide coverage within a range of  the repeater (or work back to back).

Satellite communication wouldn’t be suitable for indoor communication and for outbound education there is no GPS signal. And of course there’s the question of cost – satellite communication is very expensive.


The Solution

Because PTT over Cellular is very agile and flexible, it will provide Radio Communication with GPS tracking across the whole area.

There are 2 options for communication for Education:

iPTT Radio App (for Android and iOS) with a Bluetooth Remove Speaker Mike (BT RSM). Click here for more information about the BT RSM and PTT Radio Apps

iPTT P400 and P500 in addition to the App and M400 Radio. Click here for more information about the iPTT P500 and click here for more information about the iPTT P400. You can find more information about the iPTT M400 by clicking here.

In a typical scenario, each driver has a hand portable/mobile PTT radio and the iPTT App, with the PTT dispatcher installed in the office. Click here for more information about the iPTT PTT Radio dispatcher.

Additionally we can also support with radios for hire, should there only be a temporary requirement for two way communication.


With the PTT Dispatcher installed on the office PC, teachers and office can communicate seamlessly, be it for normal operations, an event or outbound education. This way the office can listen to and communicate with the teachers across the UK as well as see the location of the teachers. Should an accident happen, the teacher can press the alarm button, to make the dispatcher and other radios aware of an ongoing situation. Finally the lone worker feature provides great health and safety benefits, ensuring alarms are raised with the office, should a radio not be used for the length of time set on the despatcher.


Coverage Check

Before we start, we recommend you look at coverage of the mobile networks. You can check that here: Coverage alternatively you can call iPTT and we will help you.


Want to know more?

If you’ve got any questions, need any help or want find out more about how iPTT PTT Radios can help education with professional two way radio and live PTT GPS tracking, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

iPTT | PTT Radios for Education

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