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Communication for the transport industry can be a challenge given this industry covers all of the UK (and further afield). From haulage to taxi companies, they all face the same challenge: Radio Coverage and PTT tracking.

Given the Nationwide ESN network is reserved for blue light services, what alternatives should the transport industry consider?

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The Radio Alternatives

Traditional DMR radios will work within a limited distance of the main office, but as soon as the vehicle is out of coverage, that’s it – no communication. To extend the coverage of a DMR Radio system is expensive and Radio GPS Tracking is an add on (so it’ll cost you a lot more money).

Satellite communication would provide the coverage, but satellite phones are expensive and they don’t come with PTT tracking.


The Solution

Because PTT over Cellular is incredibly flexible and versatile, it will provide Radio Communication across the majority of the UK (and EU). Radio GPS tracking is standard, so no added fees here.

We work with taxi, haulage and skip hire companies, who typically use the M400 PTT Radio. Click here for more information about the iPTT M400

We work with courier companies, who typically use the iPTT App (for Android and iOS) with a Bluetooth Remove Speaker Mike (BT RSM). Click here for more information about the BT RSM and PTT Radio Apps

We also work with logistics companies and ports which use the P500 in addition to the App and M400 Radio. Click here for more information about the iPTT P500.

In a typical scenario, each driver has a hand portable/mobile PTT radio and the iPTT App, with the PTT dispatcher installed in the office. Click here for more information about the iPTT PTT Radio dispatcher.

Most customers install the PTT Dispatcher on the office PC, which means the drivers and office can communicate seamlessly. This way the office can listen to and communicate with the drivers across the UK. In addition to this the office can also see which driver is where, which can be very helpful, should any route changes have to be made or a driver can call for assistance on the alarm button. Lone worker is also a feature which provides great benefits to the daily operation and in particular safety of the drivers.

iPTT’s PTT over Cellular solution is one of the most popular for the transport industry – when you try it, you know why.


Coverage Check

Before we start, we recommend you look at coverage of the mobile networks. You can check that here: alternatively you can call iPTT and we will help you.


Want to know more?

If you’ve got any questions, need any help or want find out more about how iPTT PTT Radios can help the transport industry with professional two way radio and live PTT GPS tracking, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

iPTT | PTT Radios for Transport

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