PTT Radios for Healthcare

iPTT | PTT Radios for Healthcare

Push-To-Talk over Cellular Radios provide reliable and efficient group communication for healthcare workers. To extend coverage beyond the 4 mobile networks (on the iPTT Multi Network SIMs) the radios can also be connected to a WiFi network. Offering quick and effective instant group communication and live tracking, there’s a reason PTToC is popular in the Healthcare sector.

Multi Network SIM Coverage

iPTT | Multi Network SIM Coverage

iPTT’s Multi Network SIMs with Auto Switching. iPTT’s Multi Network SIMs use all available Mobile Networks giving you unrivalled coverage. Simply the Best SIM!

Two Way Radio Hire

iPTT | Two Way Radio Hire

Cross Hire for 1 week, 1 month or 3 years. Everything is set up all you have to do is turn on the devices. Two Way Radio Hire, Push to Talk, PTT