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iPTT | PTT Radios for Healthcare

PTT Radios for Healthcare provide robust and reliable 2 way radio radio communication between the healthcare teams (ambulance, patient transport, security, hospitals)

Portable two-way radios have been used for a variety of healthcare communications needs for decades, due to the need for reliable two way group communication. The healthcare sector in the UK is a major user of professional 2-way radios.

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The safety and wellbeing of patients in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities depends on effective communication. Regardless of where they are located within the building (or area), healthcare personnel can communicate quickly and efficiently with one another by using long range walkie-talkies. This is particularly helpful in emergency situations where response time is critical.

Compared to using cell phones or other devices, PTT over cellular radios offer a dependable and effective method of communication that is also fast and more secure with coverage across 97% of the UK. In addition to the combined coverage of the 4 mobile networks in the UK (on iPTT’s multi network SIM) our radios can also be connected to a WiFi network, should one be available.

Healthcare workers who need to communicate with each other benefit from push-to-talk over cellular. They can quickly alert colleagues of an urgent situation or request help, ensuring that patients get timely, efficient care and staff are protected.

Security is a further application for PTToC radios in the healthcare industry. It’s crucial to maintain a secure environment for patients, workers, and visitors at healthcare establishments. Security professionals can communicate quickly and effectively using the radio channel or make individual calls with one another using walkie-talkies, ensuring that any possible situation is handled immediately and effectively.

Last but not least, we also work extensively with ambulance services and patient transport. The control room can see the location of the radios live in the control room. Ambulance drivers can communicate with the control room and other ambulances, should they need assistance. No other commercial product can deliver 97% coverage, which is a major benefit when moving patients around the UK.

Using Nationwide PTT Radios in the healthcare industry is a dependable, cost effective and efficient approach for healthcare personnel for group communication and live tracking, offering quick and effective means of instant group communication, particularly in emergency situations.


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iPTT | PTT Radios for Healthcare

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