Who should give serious consideration to PoC?

iPTT | Who should give serious consideration to PoC?

Who should give serious consideration to PoC?

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Here are some examples of customers who should consider PoC:


Customers requiring communication within the M25.

It is almost impossible getting a frequency from OFCOM and the number of PMR446 (license free radios) is so large that interference from other customers’ communication is a common problem.

PoC operates on mobile networks with excellent coverage and no need for OFCOM licenses and no interference.


Customers with assets which operate across large areas.

It wouldn’t be financially viable to get OFCOM licenses and install repeaters (and infrastructure) to cover the wide area where assets operate and tracking as well as communication is required. These could be:

  1. Construction companies.
  2. Security companies.
  3. Ambulance services.
  4. Transport companies.
  5. Events and shows.
  6. Mobile workers like council workers, traffic wardens, council workers, etc.
  7. and many many more….


What’s the benefit?

Fast to deploy, easy to operate and very competitively priced.

Tracking, call logging, call recording and dynamic call groups are all part of the iPTT PoC solution.

Dedicated devices which look and work like 2 way radios – they’re rugged and work in the harshest environments.


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