An Introduction to iPTT


iPTT diagram

An introduction to iPTT

What is it?
iPTT (International Push to Talk Ltd) provides communication based on Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC).

What does PoC do?
You can make half duplex calls between individuals and groups. Groups can be defined dynamically using the dispatcher. You can track and monitor your assets and people using the GPS positioning. Calls can be monitored and recorded for future reference. Dispatch and Command are centralised using a PC with internet connection.

Why consider iPTT?
Predictable costs: you buy a handset, mobile or bases station + pay the monthly data fee for the months you need. No maintenance costs. Contracts are flexible by month you can pick a month/the months you need – no 12 or 24 month contract. Open standards giving you competitive pricing.

Who uses POC?
The POC solutions are tried and tested with more than 250,000 users globally.