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iPTT | Compliance and Business Intelligence

Need a solution which records the time and content of every call and text sent and received? With iPTT’s Compliance and Business Intelligence, we can help with a complete solution for:

  • Records every phone call made and received
  • Records every SMS sent and received
  • Works on managed smartphones

We are pleased to announce the iPTT Compliance and Business Intelligence solution, which does all of this.

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Calls and text messages stored securely

Not only does the solution record the time of the calls, but also the content of every single call. The same for text messages – not just who and when, but also the content. Time and date as well as caller information and content is stored on a secure server for 90 days during. During this 90 day period you can download the information onto your own IT infrastructure for retention. The same is the case for SMS messages.

Mobile Device Management Solution

On top of that we have a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. With MDM we can whitelist or blacklist websites, apps and phone numbers. We can also create a kiosk mode, which means we can completely lock down the smartphone or open it up as per your requirements. Furthermore we can update the smartphones with Over The Air Programming (OTAP), changing the settings as your requirements evolve.

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Multi Network SIMs

Multi Network SIMs | Single Network SIM | Fixed IP | Dynamic IP | IOT SIM | Data SIM | Unlimited Data SIM

To ensure you are compliant with UK GDPR and privacy laws, you must be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, who will be able to offer further guidance on message and call recordings.

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