Does POC work at High Speed?

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

The iPTT M400 Mobile Radio is small (fits in your hand) and fast. We test exactly how fast

We’ve previously tested if iPTT M400 mobile radio works outside the UK and confirmed it works exceptionally well.

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iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

iPTT M400
Probably the best mobile and base station radio available

So we decided to test the next question:

Does iPTT POC work at high speeds (greater than 200 km/h / 120mph)?

Why is this interesting? Because as speed increases, the handover between the masts becomes harder.

We got into the car with the iPTT M400 radio and headed for the only place we know without speed limits: the German Autobahn.

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

Unlimited Professional Two Way Communications

We drove (at normal speeds) through France, Belgium, Netherlands and the M400 continued to deliver flawless performance.

Now came the real test – the Autobahn opened up we could put our size 13 down, hard. Not many cars going at speeds above 100 mph, given the increases in the petrol prices, but we got the opportunity on several stretches of the A1, A7 and A43.

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

Probably the fastest POC solution in the world

We are happy to confirm that the iPTT M400 120 mph plus works flawlessly too.

On this trip we covered 6 countries, 18 different mobile networks and 2,500 miles.

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

High Speed
Two Way Communication
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Next test – we’ll be going to the moon. Just need a mobile signal and we’ll be good to go.

If you need High Speed Professional Two Way Communication for operations in the UK or the EU, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

Disclaimer: We do not endorse speeding and recommend you are in no way distracted by anything when driving (especially at high speed)

iPTT | Does POC work at High Speed?

M400 at 200 kmh