Housing Estates and Professional Two-Way Communications

iPTT | Housing Estates and Professional Two-Way Communications

Housing Estates using a large number of two way radios for operations and security. PTT over Cellular being one of these solutions, which is used extensively in Housing Estates across the UK.

Professional Two-Way Radios are used in most Housing Estates across the UK. They are important tools for providing support and security for the development. Some of these areas are significant in size, which means DMR infrastructure becomes very expensive. We help a number of housing estates with group wide two way communication.

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In the UK we have a number of very large housing estates, but given the height and size of these estates, communication is a major challenge for facilities management and security.


Two Way Radio Challenges

There are 2 challenges: firstly the height of the buildings combed with the area, traditional two-way radios would require numerous (and expensive) repeaters.


The PTT Radio Solution

Combining our leading multi-network SIMs, which are un-steered and will log onto any of the 4 available mobile networks in the UK. Combining our industry leading SIMs with WiFi, we can cover the whole building including underground parking (if WiFi is available). We don’t need expensive repeaters and infrastructure – this is normally already available.

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iPTT | Housing Estates and Professional Two-Way Communications

Professional Two-Way Communications in Housing Estates combining multi-network SIMs and WiFi to give you coverage where you need it.