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PTT Radio coverage can be a challenge given the vast amount of land being farmed in the UK. With Nationwide PTT Radios, you might have a solution particularly suited for farming and forestry.

With traditional 2 way radio range of 0.5-1 mile (back to back), it’s a real challenge for the agriculture industry communicating between the main building and the vehicles, when the vehicles are out in the fields. Given 71% of the area in the UK is agricultural area, 1 mile won’t reach very far.

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If your farming machinery is operating within a 1 mile radius, DMR radios will be fine, and if the team is really close, you could even use 446 license free radios. But it’s highly unlikely neither of these solutions will be suitable for your business.


With Nationwide PTT the answer is YES!

Fortunately there are alternatives, which provide Nationwide PTT radio capabilities and Live GPS Tracking.

In a typical scenario, each driver has a hand portable or mobile PTT radio, with the PTT dispatcher installed in the office.

Each driver can then communicate with each other as well as the office. In the office the normal desktop doubles up as a PTT dispatcher as well. That way the office can listen to and communicate with the drivers in the fields. In addition to that the office can also see which driver is where, which can be very helpful, should any of the machinery break or a driver need help.

These radios are being used 24/7 in the harvest season  and of course for the day to day operation.

iPTT’s PTT over Cellular solution is one of the most popular for farming and forestry. A number of major farms across the UK use our two way radio solution – when you try it, you know why.


Coverage Check

Before we start, we recommend you look at coverage of the mobile networks. You can check that here: alternatively you can call iPTT and we will help you.


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If you’ve got any questions, need any help or want find out more about how iPTT PTT Radios can help agriculture with professional two way radio and live PTT GPS tracking, please call iPTT, email iPTT or get in touch

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