PTT Radios for Power Grids

iPTT | PTT Radios for Power Grids

PTT Radios for Power Grids, Sub Stations and Utilities providing communication over long distances as well as Live GPS Tracking

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Health and Safety – Operational Communications

When pulling new cables or installing new towers, one important component from an Operational as well as Health & Safety perspective is two-way communication and tracking.

Scale of the PTT Radio Project

These jobs run over 10-30 miles, which would mean very expensive infrastructure, should the user be using DMR or PMR. Repeaters need to be installed (as do masts and antennae) which is expensive, time consuming and inefficient. And of course the customer will need an OFCOM Radio License (you can find out more about OFCOM licensing here).

iPTT | PTT Radios for Power Grids

PTT Radio with no installation nor infrastructure costs

With Push to Talk over Cellular from iPTT you don’t need expensive installations and infrastructure or OFCOM licenses. Because our unique multi-network SIMs use all 4 available networks (in 4G, 3G and 2G), we can provide the best coverage available today.

Desktop Study – Coverage Check

For this particular job, we started with the plan covering the 20 miles where new power cables have to be drawn. Next we check the route against the coverage checker. You can find the Coverage Checker here: Coverage Checker

On Site 2 Way Communication Testing

Next we completed a site survey, where we physically tested the coverage.

Once we’ve cleared these tests successfully, we’re good to go.

And it worked exceptionally well

Here’s more information on what benefits customers get from PTT over Cellular from iPTT: More Info

Do you need Nationwide 2 Way Communication and Live GPS Tracking?

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iPTT | PTT Radios for Power Grids
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